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Sep 9, 2021
The Jeremy Facknitz Band Wants To Play In Your Yard
Fackhead! You've found me. Here I am.What can I offer you that you can't find at my home website, or on my socials? What will be the purpose of this site? (Why are you asking me so many questions?)The answer to all this is… I'm not sure yet. In the meantime, hear this:I feel called to build upon the new culture of live music in these pandemic times. The old model of performing/booking isn't there anymore - and where it is still there, it's on life support. People are less trusting and more afraid, yet they need community and some sense of normalcy now more than ever. So in 2022 I'll be bringing my music and my band to the people. Door to door rockin'! Out of the basement and into the gardens! (I'm still working on the tag-line).People are far more open to supporting a live band when they know they're going to see said live band in their friend's yard. There's a familiarity and sense of safety, one they may not feel entering public spaces these days. Plus, your friends trust you. If you say "this band is really effin' good", they'll probably come see if you're right.This is not just for our Colorado friends. We will travel. There are duo and trio options, and I'll play solo pretty much anywhere in the world if the crowd is right.Here's the skinny:OUR IDEAL HOSTS: A music fan with a yard that can hold at least 50 people, safely outdoors in these pandemic times. A host/hostess with supportive friends dying to listen to a wonderful LIVE concert for the small donation fee of $20 per person in the safety of a friend's (your) property. All donations go to the band. This is how we get paid. You "pay" for the band by hosting; no money comes out of your pocket and into ours (unless you really want to give us money, then we'll take it, usually).YOUR WORKLOAD: You send out a mailer, or text/email 100-1000 of your friends and acquaintances. We'll provide a sales pitch template to get you started. You do what you can to confirm at least 50 people, as the 50 people x $20 a piece makes it profitable for me after I pay the band. If we fall short of this number, there's no need to stress or make this not fun. I will not hate you! 50 x $20 is just the goal for the full 6 piece band. There are other options, as you'll soon see.People BYOB and their own lawn chair. You can provide snacks, but it's not required. We provide the sound, lighting, our 10 x 20 tent to play under, and our 10,000 hours of experience. You provide the space and an electrical outlet.WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? You get the good juju from financially supporting The Jeremy Facknitz Band without breaking your bank, and your friends think you're even cooler than they thought you were.WHAT'S IN IT FOR US? We get to play in front of NEW people every night, which is always exciting. We don't need to "tap" our fanbase or cajole them into supporting us for the "5th time this summer". Plus, we make money!This is your property, so YOU make the rules on vaccinations, mask wearing, where people pee, the time of the show, etc. (many hosts have had people pee behind the garage or outdoors - as long as you tell people upfront in your email, they're usually cool with this). We are generally cool with whatever you're cool with. The entire band is either Pfizer or Moderna vaccinated.So in short, while it's not without some effort (you'll need to sound the horn and we'll help you with that, send out follow-up emails, check with your neighbors, etc.), but it's also a lot of fun to have a Red Rocks quality band play in your backyard. Yes, I said that.And don't worry too much about the number of people you think you can wrangle. If you figure there's no way you can get 50 people to pay $20 a piece, we have other options. Like I said, we can perform as a duo or trio (John, David and I) and still have a wonderful, profitable night in front of 20 to 25 people. Or, I can play solo for 15 to 20 people here in Colorado, and it's still totally worth my time.If you're interested, if you'd like to be a part of this, oh wow, thank you! Let's talk dates! If you're not interested or it's not feasible for you, thank you for reading this lengthy pitch, and hopefully you'll be able to come to one of our many yard concerts next year.Thank you so much for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Jeremy, Mike, John, David, Ricky, Brad and Mugsy (our unofficial mascot)
Sep 18, 2021
Jeremy Gets Honest And Slightly Hostile Toward Social Media
Recently I've found myself swimming in numerous lengthy confabs with fellow singer-songwriters about pretty much everything… except songwriting.It isn't long before the conversation turns to the necessary evils of social media and what we're trying, what we're doing, what we've heard works, what we're told to do... and how it's never enough. Then we throw out numbers of streams, likes and followers as if they actually mean something. I've heard festivals like to look at the number of Instagram followers you have. I suppose that bodes well for the 19 year old who's written and recorded three songs and has spent the months since promoting them and his "brand". His craft isn't there yet, the songs are "meh" at best, but hey, he's blowing up on Tik Tok! It should be a great show. I... I can't wait!So many of my cohorts feel trapped by the pressing need to funnel their followers to corporate giants like Spotify and YouTube in order to monetize their channel/music. They feel frustrated over the fact that as soon as the current hot platform blows up, it's already over, and a new platform has taken its place. And I agree, it's maddening. I was there, until I realized that as long as there have been dreamers, there have been people getting rich off of them (us). It's just not our game to win. We are artists and it's our job to create art - not spend our lives compiling vanity metrics and posting selfies with our cat.If you like social media, then by all means good for you (I'm not running into very many of your type at festivals and concerts, but I'm sure you're out there). If we remember social media is a TOOL that works for US, all's good. But when we start feeling WE are the TOOL working for THEM, I believe it's time to detach.It's in our best interest to find what we do best, find out what we truly love about this and why on earth we're doing this, and throw everything we have into monetizing THAT.One beautiful thing about Covid is that it has destroyed the playing field. Call me a anarchist, but there's just something incredibly sexy about that moment when there's no playbook anymore. I was in touch with a promoter in Vancouver back in 2019. She said "Book here, here, here, here, there, there and there and THEN I'll work with you." When I told her I had to limit my tours to two weeks because I had a young family, she disappeared.I wish her no ill-will. She had her game and she was good at it. I didn't want to play, so I missed out.But I do wonder what the hell she's doing right now.We're still not out of these pandemic woods and we may have a long way to go. That venue you were dying to play? Closed. That festival you've been applying for? It's virtual this year... again. That promoter in Vancouver? She's working for Uber Eats.Today's Tik Tok is yesterday's Instagram, which is yesterday's Twitter, which is yesterday's Facebook, which is yesterday's Myspace... to say nothing of Periscope, Twitch, Patreon... does your head hurt yet? Mine does. I'm a songwriter/performer. WE ARE SONGWRITERS/PERFORMERS.To hell with the old models. Don't give them so much weight. There's never been a better time to do it YOUR way. I'm not here to tell you what that is, since each of us has to figure out what that is for us. I've dumped my focus on booking outdoor shows, private yard concerts, as many as I can, every year. It's not a silver bullet, but it is face-to-face connection, live performance, new audiences every night and the best money I've ever made performing music.Remember those numbers I mentioned earlier? The streams, likes, followers, etc.? Here are my numbers:43 years of age.5 solo albums and 6 more with bands and other artists.25 years performing as a professional (and in that time I've earned some awards and acclaim as a songwriter and performer.)89 subscribers on my YouTube channel.520 people "like" my music page on Facebook.359 followers on Instagram.For those of you who may not know, these numbers are extremely low for someone who's been at this as long as I have.For those of you who care or shake a finger at my lack of social media prowess, I offer an apology dripping with sarcasm. You see (oh, here it comes), for the last 25 years, I've put everything I've had into being a better writer, performer, singer, guitar player, gig-booker, touring musician and human being. I've loaded my blood, sweat and tears into the craft in order to make beautiful things, to be as great as Jeremy Facknitz can be, and connect with people face to face, song to heart. That's what's important to me. I've become business savvy enough to have booked and promoted 6 to 8 week tours by myself numerous times and, thanks to my willingness to diversify and good fortune, turned this passion into a career. I have put in my 10,000 hours. I play all over the U.S. and once I can do so again, I will play Canada and Europe. You can find me by typing in my name (just once, because your browser will remember it after you manually type it in once), There you will find everything I have going on and where you can see myself - or the band and I - perform live.And I bet we'll knock your socks off.If that's not good enough for you because I only have 89 subscribers to my YouTube channel, if that's not good enough because I'm not coming up in your feed each day, by all means... scroll on.I have real work to do.